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Oqapy is a photographic workflow application.

It can helps you to import your pictures, organize your image folders and enhance the quality of your work in a fast and intuitive user interface.

Features :

  • Import from digital camera. 1,425 models of camera are supported;
  • Management of the metadata, allowing to modify author, copyright, tags, etc;
  • Geolocation by map server or by GPX file;
  • Seek and sorting of images in the local folders by names, dates, sizes, tags, etc;
  • Cropping, alignment and redimensioning;
  • Contrast and brightness enhancement;
  • Toning sepia, blue;
  • Raw images demosaicing;
  • Organize images from different folders;
  • Advanced search and filtering options to find your images quickly and easily;
  • Simple viewer mode and full screen mode;
  • Export on various formats;
  • Layout and printing or pdf export.

  • Oqapy is developped under GNU General Public Licence V3.

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